Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (JEECS) is a peer-reviewed journal promoting dissemination of research and technological implementation experiences in the areas of Computer and Information Technology. Authors are invited to submit original papers not published in the proceedings of conferences and archival journals nor submitted for publication in conferences with published proceedings and journals.

The main areas of interest are (though not limited to):

 - Internet of Things (IoT)
 - Algorithms and Complexity theory
 - Computer architecture and arithmetic
 - Network-based, parallel, cloud, and distributed computing
 - Artificial Intelligence
 - Automata and formal languages
 - Computer Graphics, Image Processing and Virtual Reality
 - Database theory
 - High performance and scientific computing
 - Information Systems
 - Computer Science and Engineering Education
 - Formal methods and Software Engineering
 - Applications of high-performance computing and novel computing systems
 - Internet-based, multimedia, and wireless networks and applications
 - Communications, especially wireless, Wireless (sensor) networks and mobile computing
 - Signal processing architectures, algorithms, and applications
 - Green technologies in information, computing, and communication systems
 - Multi-disciplinary areas, including robotics, embedded systems, Cryptography and security

The journal is published in online versions (e-Version) to save trees. The e-version is free access and download.

JEECS Cover Letter


Ethical Guidelines for Journal Publication


For a peer-reviewed journal, the publication of articles plays an essential role in the development of a coherent network of knowledge. It is, therefore, essential that all publishers, editors, authors, and reviewers, in the process of publishing the journals, conduct themselves in accordance with the highest level of professional ethics and standards.

The publisher is dedicated to supporting the vast efforts of the editors, the academic contributions of authors, and the respected volunteer work undertaken by reviewers. The publisher is also responsible for ensuring that the publication system works smoothly, and that ethical guidelines are applied to assist the editor, author, and reviewer in performing their ethical duties.




First Issue

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